ZIA (2014-2015)

Zia is a daring, intelligent, happy eleven year old who has a zest for fashion, hair and makeup. She takes great delight in spoofs on fairy tales, like “Once Upon a Time” and “The School for Good and Evil,” especially when the girls are strong and independent. When she was nine, she finally talked her parents into adopting a dog from the shelter. When she was ten, she started her white dove release business. She has a great penchant for  laughing and finds humor in most any situation. Most of all, Zia loves to act; she has been in numerous Shakespeare plays and several musicals.

Bonus Traits

  • Zia plays roller derby and can’t wait til she turns 12 and can try out for the All Stars.
  • Zia sews matching outfits for her dog and herself.
  • Thanks to a sponsorship by Game Salad for ImprovEd Shakespeare, Zia is learning to make apps.
  • Zia is an excellent cook.