The Write-Produce-Direct Project

“Bad Spies” and “Jaded”

Our inaugural project culminated in two one-act plays: “Bad Spies,” written and directed by 11-year old girls and “Jaded,” written and directed by 13-year old girls. Both productions were produced by the team and featured performances by the majority of the creative team.


To give adolescent girls (6th-9th grade) the skills, experience and opportunity to create new theatrical works with strong female protagonists.

In order to change the future, you have to change the present. Rather than focusing on acting (of which we feel 90% of the young performers are female), we are nurturing a bevy of girls to develop their skills as Writers, Producers and Directors.

By the end of the year, the Girl Improved participants will have the power to become the change in entertainment. They will be able to write, produce and direct, confident in their skills to become movers and shakers in this industry.


Over a period of 32 weeks, our girls-only club developed several plays using Shakespeare as a jumping-off point.

Why Shakespeare? This project was inspired by our ImprovEd Shakespeare company. While performing the bard’s works, we realized that nothing has changed in the entertainment industry – we’re still looking at things from the male POV.

During the months of writing and development, the girls were involved with the details of producing a show. They raised money for their summer production while learning the ins-and-outs of finding investors, fundraising and marketing. Finally, a three-week rehearsal period culminated in the opening of the show in June (2015) for a two-week run. The girls were mentored every step of the way by a crew of talented and experienced adults.

“Bad Spies”

Written by Zia Kinzy, 11
Directed by Analisa Sweeten, 11


Written by Grayce Fischer, 13
Directed by Liliana Sweeten, 13


These four girls helped found and develop Girl Improved. Not only did they participate in the inaugural theatrical program, they were instrumental in starting our social media, creating art and graphics, developing content and being the face of Every Girl for the organization.