Why is there a demented undead six-year-old in a blood soaked Victorian dress creeping down the halls of Balance Studios? …Oh, okay, don’t panic, it’s part of Grayce’s play. Come with me, Lisi, to figure out some more about it, and to learn about us – Girl Improved. But, first, who are we?

Girls are changing stuff all the time, and we’re here to give them a high-five. The Girl Improved girls write, produce, and direct plays for a change. We hope to inspire other girls to do the same! We’re homeschooled girls from Austin, TX, and our goal is to integrate more positive female representation into the performing media. Let’s get started on an interview!


I asked two girls questions about Girl Improved and their plays, and I got some pretty interesting answers. Grayce answered my questions about her play, and Kaya answered my questions about Girl Improved. I think I’ll start you out with my first question for Grayce, since I’m sure you’re dying to know about her undead six-year-old. So first thing’s first,


Q: What is your play about?


“My play is about, in general, death. More specifically, it centers around the life of Jade, who went insane after her brother was mysteriously murdered. It’s about her transformation as she realizes her brother’s death wasn’t a tragic accident, or even a “normal” murder. It’s about the relationship between her and Antoinette, who is the killer of her loved ones, but also only a child.”


Q: What was the inspiration for the situations and characters in your play?


“I actually picked some inspiration for my play out of a book I’ve been writing over the past year. The character Antoinette was loosely based on my main character from my novel, Permelia, in that she didn’t understand why everyone was so upset with her murders. I also took just a tidbit from Frozen, since Jade’s parents are also the ‘if we lock her away for years, she’ll get better’ kind.”


Q: Do you think your play will have any impact on the viewers mindset?


“Well, I’m positive by the end of the play, people will be disturbed and generally wondering if I need therapy, but I’m pretty sure it won’t have a negative effect on feminism. My main character Jade is obsessed with a male, her brother, but she’s also crazy and take charge. Antoinette is a young girl, and she’s obviously not the best role model, but she does take things into her own hands, even if the way she does it is twisted. There are several other female parts in my play that portray girls in a positive light. I’ve got four female ghosts who generally assist Jade and do their own things. Back to the point, basically, I’m not sure what sort of impact it would have on the audience.”


Pretty interesting, eh? Every one of our girls have developed a super cool play idea like this one, as well.

After speaking with Grayce about her play, I talked to Kaya to help you learn more about the program in general.


Q: Why do we need Girl Improved?


“Because in most shows, there is a serious shortage of influential females – Therefore, we must make our own for a more positive look on women and girls.”


Q: What does Girl Improved mean to you?


“For me, it is exciting to think that we have a chance of making a series of plays that will be starring powerful female role models, whereas, if you look at something like Romeo and Juliet, there is nothing at all positive about the girls.”


Q: Has Girl Improved impacted you, and do you think it will impact others?


“I think Girl Improved has impacted me less than it will impact other girls in the future, because we are actually painting a better future for all women and girls in theatre, and just in general.”


There you have it, two interviews with girls in the midst of improving the world around them. Plays like Grayce’s and other girl’s help to put more independent, strong, and more than just 2-dimensional female characters into our media. In these girls minds, we have pirates, dancers, murderers, spies and tons of interesting things that they, girls, have created and are soon to be seen up close and live in a plays! Stay tuned to see how things develop. Thanks for reading!